Tuneville Xpress
was created to help and promote independent artists in the Christian
Country, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel and Blugrass Gospel genres 
of music. We are proud to have a place that we can NOW call HOME.

There has never been A PLACE where a person could find Christian
Country, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel & Bluegrass Gospel
music in one place. You might find a few songs in one place and a
few more in another digital download system, but NOW with
TUNEVILLE  XPRESS it's all in one place.  And some of the music
goes back as far as 2001.  

We are always looking for more artists to bring into TUNEVILLE
EXPRESS, and we hope you will join us in the launching of our new
.99 Cent Digital Download System.

Not only will you be able to find and download the music you enjoy
here, but at the same time you will be helping the artists who have
been faithful in releasing their music to the world.


Our .99 Cent Digital Download system is set up and segregated into
the different styles of music, as you can see on the right-hand side
of the page. And we refer to them as a MIX. I f you like Christian
Country then just click on the "Christian Country Mix icon.

You will find that some of our artists may have music listed in
several different sections, such as Betty Jean Robinson and
Walt Mills. You can find them in Country Gospel and Southern Gospel
Mix. Others you may find in Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel
Mix, etc.



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Gene & Micki Farington

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Country gospel mix
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